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  • Cutting-edge technology of the new range: The innovative technology of Globus aimes to revolutionise the use of electrostimulation in the aesthetics, sports and medical fields: it is the 3S (Serial Sequential Stimulation).
  • Serial Sequential Stimulation "3S": The secuential contraction of the different muscle sectors produces a deep pressure wave in the muscles you want that determine the drainage of the intersitial liquids and favours the return of the venous blood to the heart.
  • Treatments skin-face: ACTIVA 700 presents the new innovative ‘regenerative’ currents G-PULSE, proposed for aesthetics and beauty applications, able to regenerate the production of collagen in the tissues.
  • G-TRODE headrest: ACTIVA 700 comes with a special headrest that allows for obtaining a greater efficiency with the skin stimulation, thanks to the usage of the G-PULSE programmes.
  • New suitcase: ACTIVA 700 presents a practical and modern suitcase of aluminium and ecologic leather that facilitates its transport as well as making it fashionable.
  • Face and breasts programmes: ACTIVA 700 has a complete set of programmes to tone the facial muscles and  the breasts.
  • Special sports: a list of special programmes to efficiently and specifically stimulate the muscle areas worked on the most practised sports activities.
  • Blacklit display
  • Operates both with electric current and battery
  • New double power battery


  • 13 face-skin G-Pulse ©
  • 60 beauty
  • 58 fitness
  • 53 sports
  • 21 special sports
  • 12 TENS
  • 3 rehabilitation
  • 3 incontinence
  • 12 microcurrents
  • 36 Serial Sequential Stimulation ‘3S’

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